Contemporary Catalan cuisine based on local fresh products

Tresmacarrons practices a regional and seasonal cuisine, organizing with the producers the product calendars, to build a constantly changing menu. Thus, a kitchen is prepared governed by the sea (in front of our restaurant), by the mountains (Sierra Litoral) and by the orchards that surround us.

All the essence of the restaurant
synthesized in our offer

The best wines
to accompany each dish

At Tresmacarrons we make an exhaustive selection of the best wines from different D.O. both Catalan and national and international.


Our weekly
Tresmacarrons menu
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Tomato soup, salt cod brandade with black olives.


Caviar, egg, butter and Blinis

55 € / 30gr
85 € / 50gr

jig-caught squid, black 'botifarra' and garlic oil.

32 €

Steamed shrimp, gnocchi and hazelnut butter.

38 €

Turbot, celery cream and butter vinaigrette.

36 €

Cannelloni of roasted local chicken and parmesan.

20 €

Cannelloni of roasted local chicken with summer truffle.

30 €

Our steak tartar

26 €

Chickpeas with 'capipota' (catalan stew made with parts of head and tritters of cow and pig).

20 €

Milk-fed lamb with Piquillo red peppers.

28 €

Pigeon in two cocctions.

38 €

Our desserts

Watermelon with Cassis and basil sorbet.

11 €

'Tocinillo de cielo', arrope of Pedro Ximénez and cream ice cream

11 €

Our version of Santa Teresa toast with lemon and ginger sorbet

11 €

Rosemary crème caramel and warm chocolate foam.

11 €

Regional and seasonal cuisine, organizing with the producers the product calendars, to build a constantly changing menu.

Catalan cuisine

At Tresmacarrons, in El Masnou, we stand out for our updated Catalan cuisine and we have been awarded a MICHELIN Star for the successful use of the best seasonal products from El Maresme, a region famous for its orchards and fish.

Our family space was opened in 2009 by Miquel Aldana, chef de cuisine. In love with the sea and the gardener, carefully select the best ingredients in the area to make a menu that varies according to the season. Aldana's dishes present a careful balance between marine, vegetable and livestock proposals, without giving up spooning. All with a modern approach without losing sight of the roots. It has a menu to drink the vermouth, with dishes such as pickled oysters on a bed of seaweed or a bonbon of foie gras with caramel of black olives.

In the Tresmacarrons restaurant room we find Núria Orra, the chef's partner and head of the room. She has extensive wine experience and her concerns fill the room with ceramics made by her.

The Tresmacarrons restaurant is spacious, comfortable and functional, with wooden details and warm tones. To all this we must add that parking at the door is easy.

Immerse yourself in contemporary Catalan cuisine with deep roots, proudly from Maresmen and at more than reasonable prices.

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  • 1330 - 1530 y 2030 - 2230

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Avinguda del Maresme, 21
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